The Initiatives of the Designers Accord are a diverse set of activities, events, and programs that work towards achieving our four primary goals: Goal 1: Increase awareness in the creative community Engage all members of the creative community in a dialogue about the importance of integrating the principles of sustainability in all practice and production. Connect and empower those applying principles of sustainability in their companies and organizations through a rich on and offline support network. Goal 2: Evolve design education and support professional development Graduate the next generation of design thinkers and leaders by providing a toolkit for bringing sustainability to all aspects of undergraduate and graduate design programs so that the next generation of designers is able to practice sustainably. Support professional development by transforming the anecdotal success stories of design and sustainability into codified and distributed best practices. Goal 3: Influence social and cultural issues through design thinking Bring the power of systems thinking to social, cultural, and political discussion. Increasing relevance of design thinking in higher order strategic challenges. These goals are further described in the Mission section of the site. If you have ideas for partnerships or programs that are related to the goals, please email: