Fast Company Case Study Submission Form

We’re looking for the best case studies so we can help promote the innovation and vision of Designers Accord members, and show business leaders that sustainable design is good for their bottom line. Case studies may be selected to be turned into articles that will be published on If your case study is selected, we will contact you for more information, images, and for a proper interview. Don’t overthink this form—your answers can be short and direct, we’ll work on developing the story with you if your case study is selected. We’re targeting case studies that focus on a diverse range of products and clients, address a unique problem in the marketplace, and have solutions that are timely and relevant for Fast Company readers. Keep in mind that although we’d love to publish every single case study submitted, we regret we won’t be able to turn each submission into a Fast Company article. If you think you’ve got a winning case study for us, please fill out the fields below and we will be in touch! Images and hard data help us understand the impact of your work. Probably goes without saying.... back up your work as you fill out the form! (* required) [gravityform id=1 name=FastCompany Case Study Submission Form title=false description=false]