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  • Want to host a Town Hall in your area?

    The Town Hall meetings are a great, informal, and productive way to connect with the local design community around the challenging issue of integrating design and sustainability. If you are interested in hosting a Town Hall in your city, let us know! Please email: info@designersaccord.org
  • Town Hall in 4 steps

    Members of the Designers Accord and other sustainability-minded people meet locally to discuss what it means to think and act in socially and environmentally responsible ways in the creative community. Because the commitment to more sustainable design is often a process involving leadership and continuous learning, we believe the face-to-face meetings will provide inspiration and enrichment Here are the steps:
    1. Decide! An adopter in a particular geographic region decides to host a Town Hall and gets in touch with the Designers Accord. The Designers Accord acts as a support for planning, advertising, and capturing outcomes. We'll also share Town Hall best practices based on previous events.
    2. Invite People The host invites members of the Designers Accord community from the local area to participate. Based on our prototypes of the event, we believe 40–80 participants are ideal. The Designers Accord and Core77 will announce the meeting, but hosts should ping their networks and the local design groups (i.e., IDSA and AIGA). We hope all types of Designers Accord members (students, designers, corporate, non-profit) spanning all kinds of creative practice (strategy, engineering, research, architecture, etc) will be represented. However, these events are not limited to the Designers Accord community.
    3. The Plan for that Night The town hall meeting is intended to be both social and productive. This is the recommended format for a 3-hour session, typically held on a weekday evening from 6-9 pm. This format seems to work:
      • Socialize and network with light food and bevs [30 minutes]
      • Short Provocative Presentations 3-6 people are invited to present ideas, cases, questions, etc. The host coordinates presenters prior to the event. [1 hour]
      • Group and Breakout Discussions The host organization, based on presentations and participant interest, will guide a discussion around key themes based on the local issues and the content of the presentations. [60 - 90 minutes]
    4. Follow-up and Documentation The host organization collects the Town Hall output and insights, which should include notes and photographs. This recap material is posted on Core77.