Design Ignites Change

Design Ignites Change promotes and encourages talented high school and college students across the country to use design thinking and innovation to create messages for, and solutions to, pressing social problems. The Designers Accord provides support for the Design Ignites Change mentoring initiative, a collaboration between Adobe Youth Voices and Worldstudio.

The Biomimicry Institute

The Designers Accord believes in the power of biomimicry to radically rethink how to approach design and business challenges with a new perspective. We have partnered with the Biomimicry Institute for a series of projects to encourage designers to Ask Nature for new solutions to design challenges.
Support   The Designers Accord appreciates the generous support provided pro bono from the following organizations: Futurescape developed this website on the Wordpress platform, in record time, and pixel perfect. Futurescape is an Experience + Service Design and Implementation company. Eric Strohl generously designed the Designers Accord logo. Strohl's work is the height of thoughtful craft.